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Successful relocation is a complex process. It requires organization, professional implementation and comprehensive follow through. CONNECT RELOCATION covers all stages of relocation: immigration, pre-arrival information and orientation, home-finding and settling in.


Relocation Services

Immigration Services For Highly Skilled Migrants

We guide companies and individuals through the complicated process of applying for the correct work permit and residence permit for The Netherlands.

Pre-Arrival Information & Orientation

We provide information well in advance to prepare our clients for their arrival and ensure a “soft landing” in the new host country.

Destination Services

Our Destination Services are designed to guide our clients step-by-step through the process of selecting and obtaining a new home and settling in.


What People Say

It’s been a wonderful experience working with the whole Connect Relocation team. Iby and Astrid were especially helpful during my apartment search in Amsterdam’s hot housing market, and were able to secure me a beautiful place, in a central location, and close to my new job. It made the move from Toronto to Amsterdam much easier knowing I had a great place to stay and all of the proper documentation in order. The whole team is so professional, kind, and quick to answer questions. They go above and beyond to make the relocation process as smooth as possible. I very much appreciated the personalized details like receiving a ride to my apartment in my first week and a welcome card once I was settled in. I would highly recommend Connect Relocation, and thank you again!

Victoria Canada     June 2022

First of all, thank you very much for your help in this process. It really did make my relocation feel like a walk in the park, especially when finding an apartment in Amsterdam, which was supposed to be the most challenging part of the whole process. Still, thanks to Iby, it went smoothly, and we found a good apartment in no time. Also, I want to thank Astrid for organizing all the different things and always being there in the whole process.

Sepehr Mohammadi Iran     May 2022

There are very few companies who provide this level of services for relocation and I am saying based on my experience and my friends’ experiences who relocated with some other companies and everyone was surprised with the fact how everything was sorted for me. Connect Relocation suggested all the right things to me which were the best possibilities and they helped me in every step. Even in the final information, the instructions they provided were detailed and optimal.


Ahmad Hussain Pakistan     May 2022

Connect relocation helped me to move from outside of the EU to Groningen for work. I had the pleasure of meeting Karen and Monique. With Karen we only talked briefly, and I mostly communicated with Monique, who also was a primary help in my relocation.
Everything was organised well and from day 1 I knew I was in good hands. Connect relocation team has a lot of experience in moving expats to the Netherlands, therefore everything goes very smoothly. I was provided with a lot of information on how things work for expats in NL and especially in Groningen, and got my questions answered very quickly, and, what is the most important for me, with explanations on why exactly things work a certain way. Also, Monique is really very good at helping with accommodation viewing, she has more than 17 years of experience and knows exactly what to look at when visiting an apartment.
What I especially liked is that everyone from Connect relocation has a very human and informal approach, it made me feel welcome. All in all, my relocation went really well, and I can not imagine what kind of a huge amount of work I would need to do if I had to do it on my own in a completely new country.
I highly recommend Connect relocation.

Aleksandra Belarus     May 2022

I would like to thank you for the assistance in relocation – you really simplified a lot of things for us and made the relocation less stressful 🙂

Anonymous     February 2022

I can give only positive feedback about our work and communication. It was always on time, even during the holidays. You provided very detailed and clear answers to our questions. And we have only positive emotions with that experience. We like the apartment and we have it only because of you!
Thank you very much!

Arina Kuznetsova Russia     February 2022

I was very excited to get a job in Groningen, but from the moment the offer was made, I was already dreading the enormous stress of making an international move by myself, never mind the ongoing global pandemic. Connect Relocation was exactly what I needed. They responded quickly to my initial questions, clearly describing the services they provide and the approximate timetable of my move. And right on schedule, they searched for and found an excellent apartment. If that had been the extent of the assistance, I would have come away satisfied.

But Connect Relocation far exceeded any expectations that I had. In addition to finding the apartment, they helped me set up utilities, arranged transport from the airport, checked in on my travel progress, and met me upon arrival to help me get settled. They even brought me a load of groceries to help me get through the required quarantine period. I lost track of the number of times that I casually mentioned something that was on my to-do list, only to be told “we can take care of that for you”.

In all, the aspects of my move that were handled by Connect Relocation were all but seamless, and their local knowledge was invaluable in setting up things that would have been incredibly difficult to figure out myself. Throughout the entire process, they were kind, friendly, and encouraging. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to coordinate a move.

Thank you again, so much, for all of your help. I would not have made it without you.

Catherine Sibert USA     February 2022
Connect Relocation B.V provided excellent service and support in moving to Groningen. I would like to thank you for your professionalism and help in preparing for the move and adapting to the city of Groningen. My special thanks to Monique for being so thoughtful and attentive to detail, I highly recommend Connect Relocation B.V.
Alisson Carvalho Brazil     January 2022

We have to say we’ve been very satisfied and grateful with your services, you have been kind, provided guidance and solutions for every step from our home country to completely settling in Amsterdam, even when our issues were not related to your services, you still helped us out.

Alireza Tajik & Fatemeh Mohammadzadeh Iran     January 2022

I want to thank everyone on the Connect Relocation team for how much the team has helped me make my transition into the Netherlands smoother than I could have ever imagined, especially considering the state of the world in general with everyone dealing with the COVID pandemic. I have always had every bit of information I would have needed to make sure my move was without any hassle and everyone on the team has been so nice and friendly. Special thanks to Astrid for all her effort, I still send messages to her even almost 3 months in to ask questions and she still follows up with me to know my progress. Also special thanks for picking me up from the hotel I stayed in when I first arrived and dropping me off at my apartment.I hope the team continues to put in this same amount of work, effort, and intentionality towards helping others relocate. Thanks so much once again.


John Ayeni Nigeria     January 2022

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