Connect relocation helped me to move from outside of the EU to Groningen for work. I had the pleasure of meeting Karen and Monique. With Karen we only talked briefly, and I mostly communicated with Monique, who also was a primary help in my relocation.
Everything was organised well and from day 1 I knew I was in good hands. Connect relocation team has a lot of experience in moving expats to the Netherlands, therefore everything goes very smoothly. I was provided with a lot of information on how things work for expats in NL and especially in Groningen, and got my questions answered very quickly, and, what is the most important for me, with explanations on why exactly things work a certain way. Also, Monique is really very good at helping with accommodation viewing, she has more than 17 years of experience and knows exactly what to look at when visiting an apartment.
What I especially liked is that everyone from Connect relocation has a very human and informal approach, it made me feel welcome. All in all, my relocation went really well, and I can not imagine what kind of a huge amount of work I would need to do if I had to do it on my own in a completely new country.
I highly recommend Connect relocation.