Amy and Tom Harper

When we knew that our large family would be relocated to the Netherlands, we knew we would need help finding a home.  We contacted several relocation agencies, and Connect Relocation was the first to respond to us.  They also had the best offer, which was excellent for us as we were paying for the services ourselves.  We were able to discuss what services we needed the most, and then were happy with the estimate we received.

Astrid was easy to work with, spoke impeccable English, and helped present the steps we needed to take to settle in the Netherlands in a clear and concise manner.  She accompanied us as we looked at houses and had keen insight into the neighbourhoods we visited, as well as the surrounding areas around Eindhoven.  Connect Relocation was also able to help us find a house we would not have been able to find on our own.
When we applied to rent the house, they were able to negotiate a lower rent price and they did the home inspection for us.  This made it possible that when we moved from England, we could arrive directly at the home that we were renting.
Astrid also helped explain the details of the rental contract, which was very helpful because our Dutch language skills are not good enough yet to understand it all on our own.
In every way, hiring Connect Relocation to help with our international move was the best choice for us.