Anne-Kathrin Kleine

Monique from Connect Relocation helped me a lot finding my current flat. I felt very well advised – from the first telephone talk right through my first weeks in the new flat. Since I live a little far away I was not even once in the Netherlands during the entire time of the apartment search. Monique visited the flats, took pictures and we talked via Whatsapp, telephone and Skype. I had the impression that she was always available, responded very quick and was always ready to talk about my concerns. I greatly appreciated that since especially in the beginning of the home-searching phase many questions and uncertainties may arise. It was of great help to know that I could count on Connect and their professional advice. I got the impression that Connect Relocation is extremely service-oriented, taking my personal wishes and concerns very seriously, providing all the information I needed while at the same time always staying calm and giving the impression that we can find a solution for everything. I would recommend Connect Relocation. I got the impression that they work professionally, are reliable, friendly, and have a positive mindset (which is very important in face of the Dutch housing market ;))