Hélder Almeida Santos

Recently, I have relocated from Finland to The Netherlands (Groningen). I was very amazed how well this process went from the very beginning due to the very professional Team Connect Relocation BV. I got all the support from the very first minute: first by discussing the best options available for housing, and then by providing live view of the places to rent. Even though everything was done remotely, the agent was always supper helpful, always there for me, and in addition to helping to find a home/apartment, the agent took care of establishing the contacts with the renting company, with internet operator, and with the moving company. Honestly, without such a close and active support, moving would have been way much more difficult and slower, and I’d have not done everything as efficient as it was done for me via the Team Connect Relocation BV. In the end, I was received upon my arrival at the train station and all details about my place was shown to me and explained in detail how things related with housing and more work in The Netherlands. I am very grateful to Team Connect Relocation BV who did such an amazing job in helping in this my relocation, and I was super happy they took all my requests in consideration and always found the time and all the best options/fit to all my questions. I highly recommend being in touch with Team Connect Relocation BV if you plan to relocate to The Netherlands, you can expect an outstanding service of high professionals that make your move be easy and effortless.