Olena Lysenko

Connect Relocation did everything to take the stress out of our move. Of course they took care of the formal things like visa application, appointments and contracts, but also they did so many small things to make me feel like they really care about my affairs personally, and I was not on my own. Monique and Astrid had a few calls with me and answered my many emails before my arrival. When I arrived in The Netherlands Monique personally took me to every government and bank appointment and a few apartment viewings, arranging everything very efficiently so I did not have to take a lot of time off work.  When we found an apartment she helped me with my move from the hotel. She was always available to call or text, and answered every question on any topic. The team helped me to make a checklist of everything I needed to do, did some of those action points for me, and followed up with reminders on the remaining things.