Sergey Nikitin

It’s been a year since we moved to The Netherlands from Russia with the help of Connect Relocation company. Last week we collected our renewed residence cards. I want to say our experience is amazing. We were getting guidance from day 1. What legal papers to collect, how to prepare to move, and what to expect along the way. When the documents were ready, they helped us to find a superb apartment, a real gem. We set up all the essentials, real quick. I remember the first Monday in Amsterdam, Astrid stopped by the hotel and helped me to order and install the internet in our new place. We had tons of questions and were happy to find all the keys and answers. I am really happy we found our feet in Amsterdam.
Monique, Astrid, Karen, and all the Connect Relocation team make an outstanding effort to support people from abroad on their move to the Netherlands. Thank you so much for all your help.”