Seth Trudeau

In terms of my feedback, I think what you provide is really twofold: there’s the actual relocation service, and then there’s the confidence and peace of mind. This was our 3rd international move (though our first with our dog), and it was by far the easiest, which is particularly remarkable given that we made this move in the middle of covid. I remember after my first conversation with Astrid, I felt like you all really understood what we needed and what was important to us, and I especially felt the confidence that it was all going to be possible. Since then, it’s been surprisingly easy and smooth. Astrid helped us find the right schools and navigate the process of finding a house within a reasonable distance. Even when we began exploring a city (Utrecht) where the Connect team didn’t have as much experience with the rental market, they were able to find the right people who could help us figure out a very difficult housing market – and we ended up finding the perfect house for our family and moving in the moment we arrived in the country. We’ve been here just over 3 weeks now, our kids are in school, all of our utilities are setup, we’re registered with the town. It’s been so seamless, I really can’t believe it. If we would have tried to do this ourselves from a distance, I’m not sure that we would have been able to…and even if we had, it would have been much more expensive than the service that Connect provided for us. I would recommend them in a heartbeat for anyone considering moving to The Netherlands.