Yaro Holodiuk

This was our first ever move to another country as a family, so me and my wife thought it would be very stressful. However as soon as Connect contacted me and we had our first session over Skype, I realized that there’s nothing to worry about as even the smallest relocation nuances would be handled by professionals.

The stories we heard from people who moved on their own sounded like the first month in the country is a hectic race to fill in all the papers in time. For us the relocation was nothing like that – it was smooth and enjoyable, we never felt at loss about anything since the Connect consultants constantly kept in touch with us, arranged all the official meetings to our preference and explained everything that was unclear.

Finding a good apartment or house for rent in Amsterdam while you’re abroad looked next to impossible for us. However thanks to Connect doing visits to the places we liked allowed us to pick a very nice apartment to live in.

Finally I should  note that it was really easy to work with the ladies from Connect Relocation, I never doubted if I should ask something even if it was trivial. It felt like I’m getting advice from knowledgeable friends. We were given thorough answers on everything.

All in all I am very satisfied with the level of service we were provided and I would like to thank you very much for helping us!