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When we decided to move to The Netherlands, at first we had very little idea how to go about it, or specially how to communicate with the new society. The information and advice the team gave to us has made all the process so much easier and we especially appreciate the kindness and heartwarming welcome that has been invaluable to us during this process.
Reyhane & NavidIran June 2018

Monique and her team have been a real pleasure to work with and a terrific asset in making my international move to Groningen as smooth as it could be. She listened very carefully to my housing needs and through her excellent network has found me a great apartment that I would have never found on my own. She has always been extremely responsive when questions arose and actually anticipated many of my questions, saving me a lot of energy in this anyhow busy time of moving internationally. I can strongly recommend Connect Relocation’s professional service!

Björn MitzinneckGermany/USA July 2018

In all our moves abroad, my wife and I have never been treated to such comprehensive service before in making that transition. This is especially true because we also had to factor in our young child into many calculations. Connect Relocation got started well before we arrived and helped throughout. Astrid streamlined all of the major tasks (residency, housing, banking, daycare) and consolidated our time together during apartment viewings and administrative appearances, always mindful of our constraints as parents. She also had great advice on a wide range of questions we asked about everything, from whether to ship our car to which local vegetables are in season. It was a real pleasure working with this organization.

Ethan Nasr USA June 2018
Me and my wife really appreciate all your work done within last 6-7 weeks. The service provided by your company was flawless.
Thanks to you, we managed to get our new home quickly, to have all documentation done rapidly and without any problems.
Monique and Astrid, you were doing a perfect job from the moment we started looking for the apartment, getting our visas till the moment we moved into our flat.
Thank you for saving us from troubles and making our relocation easy and smooth.
We wish you a good luck in your personal life and prosperity to your business.
Alex and Katy Vasko Ukraine June 2018

For a young couple coming from an non-EU country and moving 15 00 km away from home a lot of things can go wrong. Thankfully, we had amazing support from Connect Relocation during all phases of our relocation.

From obtaining necessary documentation (work permit, bank account, registration at municipality etc.) to finding a place to call HOME in Groningen, everything completed without one stressful moment. What we appreciate the most is the friendly, personal approach.

During whole this time we had a feeling we were working with a friend or a family member and not an agency. We believe this is one of the most important factors one should look for with an relocation agency. So dear expat, if you are reading this, trust me, Connect Relocation is THE ONE (you can thank me later! :D). Dear Connect Relocation, thank you and keep doing things the way you do!”Forever grateful,

Melita & Boris Bosnia and Herzegovina May 2018
It has been incredibly helpful for us to have Connect Relocation on our side, and I wonder what we would have done without your help.
At the start, it was a bit bumpy in finding a house because we dealt some time with two agents of Connect due to Holidays so that slowed us down a bit, but momentum kicked in once our agent was back full time.
One problem that expats face is that we can’t communicate properly during office hours, so we were delighted to find you available all the time at all channels - calls, mails and WhatsApp, this gave us a feeling that you were truly a partner with us and not just a service provider. And of course you helped us not just in finding a house we like, but also understanding the contract (which was in Dutch) and preventing payment of unlawful fees.
I would strongly recommend your services, your partnership, to my friends.
Gaurav Mathur India April 2018

I would like to say THANK YOU for all support that you guys given to me and my family. The service level was higher than I expect.

You gave me all inputs about the documentation and the service before we arrive at the country and delivered everything at the expected lead-time. Your  agent that guide me around the city gave me all inputs about houses, location, energy, etc… My impression was she is doing to us as the same level that she wants to her family, the first impression of the city was great because her company.

So I’m very satisfied about quality level of the service from Connect team.

Geovani da Silva Brasil April 2018

This was our first ever move to another country as a family, so me and my wife thought it would be very stressful. However as soon as Connect contacted me and we had our first session over Skype, I realized that there's nothing to worry about as even the smallest relocation nuances would be handled by professionals.

The stories we heard from people who moved on their own sounded like the first month in the country is a hectic race to fill in all the papers in time. For us the relocation was nothing like that - it was smooth and enjoyable, we never felt at loss about anything since the Connect consultants constantly kept in touch with us, arranged all the official meetings to our preference and explained everything that was unclear.

Finding a good apartment or house for rent in Amsterdam while you're abroad looked next to impossible for us. However thanks to Connect doing visits to the places we liked allowed us to pick a very nice apartment to live in.

Finally I should  note that it was really easy to work with the ladies from Connect Relocation, I never doubted if I should ask something even if it was trivial. It felt like I'm getting advice from knowledgeable friends. We were given thorough answers on everything.

All in all I am very satisfied with the level of service we were provided and I would like to thank you very much for helping us!

Yaro Holodiuk Ukraine February 2018

Thank you very much for your services! Your help and service was a true blessing for us!

SANTIAGO AND TATIANA Colombia December 2017
We can't recommend Connect International enough. We moved to Groningen in June 2017 and they helped us in every possible way. Finding an apartment, arranging all the paperwork, everything was so fast and smooth, we're 100% sure it would have taken much longer without their help and assistance. Thanks for all the team and our agent especially. Every advice we've got was very helpful and now after 6 months in the Netherlands we can say for sure it has proven to be all the right choices: neighbourhood, apartment, service providers, everything.
MIKE,NATALIA AND SOFIA Russia December 2017
Our family would like to express deep gratitude to your company and thank you for the support which we got during the relocation from Russia to the Netherlands. With you the whole set up process went smoothly and really fast. Thank you for clarification of all arising questions, for finding such a nice apartment with great location, and special thanks from our small daughter for her new beautiful bed, which your agent kindly offered us to find and helped to deliver.
We wish you success and prosperity!
Our agent and her team have been great in ensuring that all moving parts during a relocation process were running smoothly. My wife and I felt lovely with all the care taken at a personal level. So the stress associated with moving never really occurred. Would be our pleasure to work with Connect Relocation in the future.

Thank you for the excellent support during our move back to the Netherlands. A move is always hectic, but you have gone the extra mile to make our move go smoothly. The house visits were kindly appreciated to help us decide while we were still overseas and your check-in, utilities installation etc were simply superb and smooth. THANK YOU!

THOMAS GRIBNAU Netherlands (from Singapore) November 2017

I used Connect Relocation services when moving from Goettingen, Germany to Groningen in the end of July and beginning of August 2017. Connect Relocation helped me to expedite my housing search by contacting all the real estate agents in charge of the apartments I was interested in (they also offered me a list of apartments for rent and considered also those that I had found online). The employees of Connect Relocation arranged six viewings for me in one day, as I had asked, and drove me to those viewings, which we completed within four hours. We also had pre- and post Skype talks and I received great advice on location, apartments, understanding the contract and first contract negotiations with the real estate agent/landlord. Before I moved in, Connect Relocation checked in for me as requested and handed me the keys on my arrival date. Everything was perfectly organized and carried out. With the help of this service I found an apartment I like in a very short time. I am much satisfied with the service."

ANNA MINASYAN Armenia November 2017
I am very happy and fortunate by getting help of THE Connect Relocation team. When I came in 2015, I got help of the Connect team like family members. They helped me with the VISA process, all required municipality applications processes, schooling for kids, find out a suitable house as we needed and many more. Connect team is very polite, kind and responsive which is great specially when you are moving with you family to a new country and new culture. They also help to involve in different cultural programs which help to adjust and learn Dutch culture very easily.
Thanks for helping me and my family. 🙂

My overall experience was satisfying. I mostly knew the basics of moving to the Netherlands but with Connect Relocation's help it was very smooth and i did not have to think too much. They got me covered. They found me a really good house with the features that i exactly wanted. Because of my relatively low expat area local procedures went a bit slow. But i only had to take half a day of work. People i talk to are amazed how quickly i adapted to the environment. Thank you for your great support.

TOLGA GOLBASI Turkey September 2017

I was fully satisfied with the service provided by Connect Relocation in several occasions related  to relocation, documents, practical issues of living in Groningen and many others. The response from Connect was always immediate, highly professional and tailored on my individual diverse needs (which is extremely important). Besides, Connect people are extremely pleasant to deal with. Connect Relocation - services with human face)) Highly recommended!


We enjoyed all your support, cause you’ve made it very comfortable and hustle free for us. I do know how difficult it is when you need to do it by yourself.
Well organised and as efficient as possible.

ANASTASIYA ZHUKOVA  Ukraine March 2017

In short, your service was invaluable.  It would have been much more stressful and difficult for us to find an apartment and move if it hadn't been for your help. There were a couple times where it seemed that disaster had struck and we would have to delay our move, but each time you were able to help us and solve the problem.


My family and I have recently relocated to Groningen from Spain. Though we had some experience with international relocations, in this occasion we didn’t have time to plan the move. Following the recommendation of some colleagues at the University of Groningen, I got in touch with Connect Relocation. This was a great decision! Beyond helping us with almost everything—housing, utilities, banking, registration with the municipality…--what I value most is their personal touch. They make you feel as part of the Connect’s family. Your issues are, hence, their issues and they make everything possible to resolve them—and they always succeed. And that’s not all: several weeks after our arrival, they still provide us with help and guidance! Because of our experience with Connect Relocation, I strongly recommend to anybody with plans of moving to Groningen to firstly connect with Connect.

JORDI SURROCA Spain Januari 2017

It was an effective and a great experience the process with Connect International, making our relocation for me and my family very easily and smoothly. Thank you!

EDGAR YANEZ ANGARITA Colombia January 2017

Moving to a new country is a stressful process for everyone who decides to do that. Having help from Connect Relocation made a huge difference in my relocation to the Netherlands. They helped me with a lot of things like collecting all required documents and permissions, registering in the municipal, setting up a bank account, finding an apartment, advising with agreements and even more cases you couldn't predict as an expat. The company is super responsive to emails and phone calls as well. I always feel I can count on their help. I recommend Connect Relocation service so much!

BART KOZAL Poland June 2017

We were lucky to have an assistance from Connect Relocation.
We've got an enormous help with house viewings, appointments, accounts and all that stuff.
Special thanks goes the Connect Relocation officer who was directly working with us.
We've felt a real empathy from her side. She has leaded us by the hand through all the processes of settling in the Netherlands.

It was my first experience of relocation to other country and I'm glad that I worked with you. You made all processes as smooth as possible: answered all my questions, helped with selection of an accommodation, furnishing and settling in after arrival, helped with different immigration procedures. I wish you success with your business in the future and I hope we will work together again.
VITALII ANTONOV Russia Asset Control, Heerenveen

After finding out that my status in Holland was under threat due to bad timing during the application, my company used Connect Relocation to get all things organized. It took less than a week and to my surprise Connect Relocation had done it all in a perfect and fast manner. I take my hat off to you, a great service for a great company.

BRATZO ZIVADINOVIC Serbia January 2017

There's not much to say. Everything was smooth and fast.
It would definitely take me a lot of time and effort to do it all by myself.

KIRHMEYER Russia April 2017

Moving to another continent at first sounded like it would be a really painful experience. But with the help from the amazing people of the Connect Relocation, everything went way more smoothly that I could ever imagine. From the proper documentation I would need, and even helping me out when I should take the trash out (I'm serious). Thanks for the HUGE help.

FERNANDO FLEURY Brasil June 2017

We would like to leave nothing but positive feedback with regards to our relocation to Maastricht.  Our agent was very responsive to our needs and wishes for housing and quickly found a suitable and happy place for us.  She helped us navigate receiving our immigration registration in the most efficient manner.  In all dealings she was professional, prompt, and friendly.  Ten out of ten!

We are a young couple who recently Relocated to Amsterdam From Italy and Connect Relocation has been very helpful in order to make the transition between a Country to another extremely easy.
They helped us with everything (Housing, Banking, Municipality Registration) and the process has been Super Easy and comfortable due to their kindness and their professional approach. They are more than happy to solve every little aspects of the relocation in order to give you all the time you need for your personal business (Work, University).
We strongly recommend Connect Relocation to anybody!

I am very satisfied with the services and support given. My family and I had a smooth transition into the Netherlands a lot because of Connect Relocation care. I used their services in the past as well and would recommend them to any family that needs a close “tailor made” support.

DALVI RUDECK Brasil August 2017
I am very happy to endorse your company. Your insight of what I needed to do,  plus the ability to progress a number of actions very efficiently was very welcome whilst I was very busy concluding my job (overseas) and preparing to move to the Netherlands.  Your good relationship with some of the key real estate agents in Groningen made the process of finding a first (temporary) home very easy even though I had some specific requirements. I am also very appreciative of the time and assistance with setting up a bank account and many minor things that probably taxed your patience but made my settling in so much smoother.
 Your level of personal service is exemplary.
CAROLE JACKSON USA/United Kingdom April 2017
It was a pleasure working with yout and the assistance was more helpful than I could have ever imagined.
You knew all the answers before I even knew which question to ask. The assistance went from A-Z and included all required amenities, some of which might be unknown for foreigners. Your assistance was highly professional, always on time, leaving no room for requests or critics. Above all I encountered your agent as a very trustworthy person, allowing me to simply follow her recommendations and let her take care of things in my name.
I can highly recommend your team, and would describe you as indispensable for a smooth relocation.
CRISTINA BATISTA PAULINO Switzerland August 2017
I am very happy and fortunate by getting help of THE Connect Relocation team. When I came in 2015, I got help of the Connect team like family members. They helped me with the VISA process, all required municipality applications processes, schooling for kids, find out a suitable house as we needed and many more. Connect team is very polite, kind and responsive which is great specially when you are moving with you family to a new country and new culture. They also help to involve in different cultural programs which help to adjust and learn Dutch culture very easily.
Thanks for helping me and my family. 🙂
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