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I would like to thank you for the assistance in relocation – you really simplified a lot of things for us and made the relocation less stressful 🙂

Anonymous     February 2022

I can give only positive feedback about our work and communication. It was always on time, even during the holidays. You provided very detailed and clear answers to our questions. And we have only positive emotions with that experience. We like the apartment and we have it only because of you!
Thank you very much!

Arina Kuznetsova Russia     February 2022

I was very excited to get a job in Groningen, but from the moment the offer was made, I was already dreading the enormous stress of making an international move by myself, never mind the ongoing global pandemic. Connect Relocation was exactly what I needed. They responded quickly to my initial questions, clearly describing the services they provide and the approximate timetable of my move. And right on schedule, they searched for and found an excellent apartment. If that had been the extent of the assistance, I would have come away satisfied.

But Connect Relocation far exceeded any expectations that I had. In addition to finding the apartment, they helped me set up utilities, arranged transport from the airport, checked in on my travel progress, and met me upon arrival to help me get settled. They even brought me a load of groceries to help me get through the required quarantine period. I lost track of the number of times that I casually mentioned something that was on my to-do list, only to be told “we can take care of that for you”.

In all, the aspects of my move that were handled by Connect Relocation were all but seamless, and their local knowledge was invaluable in setting up things that would have been incredibly difficult to figure out myself. Throughout the entire process, they were kind, friendly, and encouraging. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to coordinate a move.

Thank you again, so much, for all of your help. I would not have made it without you.

Catherine Sibert USA     February 2022
Connect Relocation B.V provided excellent service and support in moving to Groningen. I would like to thank you for your professionalism and help in preparing for the move and adapting to the city of Groningen. My special thanks to Monique for being so thoughtful and attentive to detail, I highly recommend Connect Relocation B.V.
Alisson Carvalho Brazil     January 2022

We have to say we’ve been very satisfied and grateful with your services, you have been kind, provided guidance and solutions for every step from our home country to completely settling in Amsterdam, even when our issues were not related to your services, you still helped us out.

Alireza Tajik & Fatemeh Mohammadzadeh Iran     January 2022

I want to thank everyone on the Connect Relocation team for how much the team has helped me make my transition into the Netherlands smoother than I could have ever imagined, especially considering the state of the world in general with everyone dealing with the COVID pandemic. I have always had every bit of information I would have needed to make sure my move was without any hassle and everyone on the team has been so nice and friendly. Special thanks to Astrid for all her effort, I still send messages to her even almost 3 months in to ask questions and she still follows up with me to know my progress. Also special thanks for picking me up from the hotel I stayed in when I first arrived and dropping me off at my apartment.I hope the team continues to put in this same amount of work, effort, and intentionality towards helping others relocate. Thanks so much once again.


John Ayeni Nigeria     January 2022

Since the first meeting I received all the information and assistance that I needed to do a smooth process. The indication to the education specialist was very important and a plus that also helped a lot. Everyone at Connect was always friendly and willing to help with the doubts and needs. The only thing that I say is congrats for the excellent service!


Daniel Marchiori Brazil     January 2022

Moving to a new country can be very stressful and uncertain, even more so if you’re moving from a country so far away and with so many restrictions as Argentina, but you made everything really smooth! Being able to have an apartment, rented with a long-term contract, within 3 days of getting here, was an enormous relief. Also, Connect Relocation always replied quickly to all my questions so there was really no chance for much anxiety to kick in. After less than one month, we already had most of our paperwork in place and were ready to start enjoying our new life. All in all, I’m really happy with how everything turned out 🙂

Muriel Picone Argentina     January 2022

I want to say thank you for your help and patience with my multiple questions! I relocated successfully, received my residence permit, got an apartment, and all required documents. Thank you for your job!

Max Perepelov Belarus     September 2021

Finding accommodation was one of my biggest concerns when it came to moving to
the Netherlands as I was not very familiar with the local rental market. For this
reason, I decided to contact Connect Relocation and chose their “Home Finding”
package. They helped me with the whole process – from contacting the agencies to
setting up and attending the viewings on my behalf, and finally writing a rental
proposal for the flat that I liked the most. I was able to join the flat viewings via video
calls which was really convenient for me. I also found their advice and local insights
extremely useful as they enabled me to easily choose an alternative that would best
suit my needs. All in all, thanks to Connect Relocation, I managed to find a place to
stay way before I was set to arrive in the Netherlands which took a load off my
shoulders and saved me a lot of stress.

Ivan Palko Slovakia     September 2021

Recently, I have relocated from Finland to The Netherlands (Groningen). I was very amazed how well this process went from the very beginning due to the very professional Team Connect Relocation BV. I got all the support from the very first minute: first by discussing the best options available for housing, and then by providing live view of the places to rent. Even though everything was done remotely, the agent was always supper helpful, always there for me, and in addition to helping to find a home/apartment, the agent took care of establishing the contacts with the renting company, with internet operator, and with the moving company. Honestly, without such a close and active support, moving would have been way much more difficult and slower, and I’d have not done everything as efficient as it was done for me via the Team Connect Relocation BV. In the end, I was received upon my arrival at the train station and all details about my place was shown to me and explained in detail how things related with housing and more work in The Netherlands. I am very grateful to Team Connect Relocation BV who did such an amazing job in helping in this my relocation, and I was super happy they took all my requests in consideration and always found the time and all the best options/fit to all my questions. I highly recommend being in touch with Team Connect Relocation BV if you plan to relocate to The Netherlands, you can expect an outstanding service of high professionals that make your move be easy and effortless.

Hélder Almeida Santos Portugal/Finland     September 2021
I really appreciate the service extended to me for my relocation from India to Rotterdam.
It was a pleasant experience.
Everything was precisely explained, specifically for my part of work.
Schooling for my both kids was nicely managed, starting with explaining the schooling system, what to look in while choosing school, benefits etc.
Finding a house was difficult as Rotterdam is very dense area and finding house is very challenging, and that is too remotely form India. This was smoothly done with the capable team.
Thanks to Connect Relocation today I am in Rotterdam with family.
Punit Nagar India     September 2021

Thanks for all the help!

Varun and Beena Parmar USA     September 2021

We’d like to express our gratitude, Astrid turned the move into the least stressful part of starting this new life. She was like our guardian angel, sorting out issues and soothing panic attacks away even at odd hours and during weekends.

I’ve spoken to several other friends who did not have Connect Relocation to help them and their experience was much harder than ours. I would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone looking to move to the Netherlands.

Andre Mocke South Africa     August 2021
Overall experience with Connect Relocation was really helpful. From searching house to setting up utilities, you guys rock. Professional personal consultants with great experience with relocations.
I already recommended my friends who are planning to move to Netherlands. I will definitely suggest you guys to other contacts.
Relocation to any country specifically Netherlands is a tricky job as there are so many documentations and local procedures which one cannot be aware of. You made it so easy for us.
Thank you so much for all the help.
Dhiraj Gophane Cyprus     August 2021

First of all, thank you so much, it was a pleasure to interact with the agency, with all of you – Astrid, Lea, Monique, Iby.
On all steps from preparing documents for visa to managing local accounts already in NL – it was very helpful and convenient.
Special thanks for assistance in choosing an apartment, it simplified our life so much and helped to reduce costs (too expensive AirBnb/Booking).
We had the internet on the almost first day of our arrival – it makes a lot of sense and value for us because of remote work, so our relocation was mostly seamless.
Assistance with setting up local accounts (gas, electricity, water, etc) – you helped so much to make it fast.
For sure, we’d recommend the agency to people who are going to relocate to NL, and we are glad that my hiring company works with Connect-Relocation.

Sergei and Anastasiia Russia     August 2021

Moving long-term to another country is definitely not an easy journey, especially during the covid restrictions, but thanks to your services the whole process ended up being as stress-free as it could get.
After the introduction call with Monique I already had a very good understanding of all the necessary steps, required documents and the timeline. I was provided with a very handy follow-up email so I could always verify I’m not missing anything. I received great advice and tips regarding the rent market and areas which helped me to adjust expectations and search criteria.
I had a great pleasure working with Astrid as my main contact point throughout the whole process: submitting all the paperwork to immigration office, searching & setting up viewings of apartments, writing rent proposals, setting up contracts for internet & utilities – everything was pretty much done for me, all I had to do was to follow simple instructions from emails. Communication was always fast & seamless. Weeks after my arrival I’m still receiving guidance and answers to my questions as needed while settling in.
Paula helped me a lot with the remote apartment viewing process / receiving keys, going to the appointments on my behalf and having me on a video-call. She met me at my new place on the day of my arrival to hand over the keys, gave me a full tour around the building and contacted T-mobile customer support to resolve the home internet issue.

Mihail Belarus     June 2021

Hello everyone, My name is Anton, I was born in Russia and recently moved to the Netherlands as a high skilled migrant. Moving is always stressful, I thought before I moved to the Netherlands. I want to tell you that this is not the case if you are doing it with such a wonderful and great team as Connect Relocation. I would like to express my great gratitude to them for their work, for their support at EVERY step of the move, starting with obtaining a visa and ending with assistance in obtaining all the necessary documents directly in the Netherlands, assistance in finding housing, opening bank account and much, much more. Thanks to this team, my move was no more difficult than moving inside my native country. The whole process with their help was as smooth as possible, with zero stress. If you are planning your move to the Netherlands, then be sure that you have made the right choice by contacting Connect Relocation team for help. Thank them very much!

Anton Kiselev Russia     June 2021

In terms of my feedback, I think what you provide is really twofold: there’s the actual relocation service, and then there’s the confidence and peace of mind. This was our 3rd international move (though our first with our dog), and it was by far the easiest, which is particularly remarkable given that we made this move in the middle of covid. I remember after my first conversation with Astrid, I felt like you all really understood what we needed and what was important to us, and I especially felt the confidence that it was all going to be possible. Since then, it’s been surprisingly easy and smooth. Astrid helped us find the right schools and navigate the process of finding a house within a reasonable distance. Even when we began exploring a city (Utrecht) where the Connect team didn’t have as much experience with the rental market, they were able to find the right people who could help us figure out a very difficult housing market – and we ended up finding the perfect house for our family and moving in the moment we arrived in the country. We’ve been here just over 3 weeks now, our kids are in school, all of our utilities are setup, we’re registered with the town. It’s been so seamless, I really can’t believe it. If we would have tried to do this ourselves from a distance, I’m not sure that we would have been able to…and even if we had, it would have been much more expensive than the service that Connect provided for us. I would recommend them in a heartbeat for anyone considering moving to The Netherlands.

Seth Trudeau Mauritius     June 2021

Your services for our move from Antibes to Zaandam were very good. It made sure of a smooth transition and we didn’t feel much of a difference with the move. From finding the apartment (with video visit), setting up utility to finding school for our son, it was good and informative. Thanks to the calls you planned at each step I was aware of most of the dutch processes and laws around living in NL even before we moved here. Because of your help we didn’t have any surprises (specially in these COVID times). Thanks for all the help

Pranav Pandey France     May 2021

I enjoyed working with Connect Relocation very much. Most of all I liked the personal approach, especially at stage of the apartment search. It’s funny that when I finally chose the apartments, it was the first option that was sent to me, and it had all the features that I needed, even the minor ones. I also appreciated that all information was structured and given at the right moment, so the relocation wasn’t that overwhelming. And special thanks for asking me to do some steps in advance, like getting the public transport card in the airport, it was very handy later.

I think that I cannot name anything that you can do better, so thank you again for such a great job!

Elena Ignatik Poland     May 2021
The team at Connect Relocation put me at ease from our first interactions. They were kind, empathetic, and asked me the right questions to find what I was looking for. Moving to another country is a stressful and difficult process at the best of times, but during the COVID pandemic, it certainly wasn’t made any easier. By leveraging their expert knowledge of the Netherlands, they were able to guide me to the right locations, put me in touch with the right services, and even hosted remote viewings so that I knew where my new home was before I was in the country.
Going beyond my initial considerations, the team had organised meetings in the city of residence to get my Social Security number and bank account created.
I don’t think I would have been able to juggle all the factors required in moving countries by myself, and I’ll be forever grateful to Connect Relocation for their great work and care.”
I sincerely mean it! Thanks so much for helping me get started in the Netherlands.
David Kavanagh Ireland     April 2021

Dear Connect Relocation BV team

You guided me and my family through the relocation just impossibly perfectly by:
1. Answering extensive lists of my questions, each and every – accurately and in detail
2. At each step providing me with just in time information I needed, preserving from irrelevant one at the moment
3. Communicating with each external provider instead of myself whenever it was possible and thus reducing my cognitive load
4. Being friendly, compassionate, supportive and empathetic
I couldn’t have imagined such a complex process especially during pandemic might go so smoothly. You made me love your country even before stepping out of the plain. I greatly appreciate all your help, it was a pleasure to go through it with you.
Thank you once again!
Lara Simonova Russia     April 2021

Joe and I always felt in good hands with Connect Relocation team. The team was phenomenal at walking us through the process, understanding our needs,  and setting expectations. We were confident that everything we needed would be done timely and correctly. Connect Relocation is a pleasure to work with and we feel very lucky they helped us with our relocation halfway around the world, during a pandemic. We can recommend Connect Relocation without any hesitation. Thank you so much!

Rose and Joe USA     March 2021

The decision to ask Connect Relocation for assistance with the home search was one of the best decisions I made last year. The market for apartments in Groningen is challenging, and therefore Connect’s assistance saved me a lot of stress. They found us a nice place that met our expectations. What is more, when we had some problems with the energy provider (the company wrongly claimed they didn’t get a signed contract from us and threatened to cut the electricity off), Connect acted quickly to solve the issue. That was highly professional. If you’re looking for an apartment in the Netherlands, do yourself a favour and hire Connect Relocation.

Patryk Galuszka Poland     March 2021

I was so happy to get support your team.

Because I recognised that you were highly professional and deep knowledge upon immigration process in the Netherlands.  Especially in my case, I’m from outside of EU, the requirement and process of Dutch immigration is complicated to me.  I am convinced that I could not get through all process in a few month time frame unless you supported me.  If your assist was not available, I think I would have spent several month to clear everything. Not only for VISA process, I also recognised very high professional skill and service give by your team for settlement daily life in the Netherlands.Arrangement of apartment hunting, opening bank account, connecting water and energy services, your team arranged and set them up very quickly. Time spent for them were much shorter than I expected before arrived in the Netherlands.

 In summary, I was so impressed and satisfied with high professional support, transparent communication, very clear advices from your team.

Mr. Kim Japan     March 2021
I am extremely satisfied with my experience relocating from Atlanta to Amsterdam and working with Connection Relocation. I am so grateful that they were able to assist me with everything from finding an apartment in Amsterdam, check-in, registering with the municipality, opening a bank account, setting up my utilities and more. They made everything so efficient and understandable, ensuring that I feel happy with the area/apartment selection and comfortable with the move. They checked in on me multiple times per week prior to the move, to make sure that everything was going according to plan. I highly recommend working with Connection Relocation – their dedication and service is exceptional.
We used the service provided the Connect team.
Receiving information in a stepwise fashion was very valuable for us, especially when moving from a different continent. Everything was done pretty fast despite the pandemic -we also appreciated that very much. Clarity was never an issue.
Overall, settling was as smooth as expected when hiring Connect Relocation. We are fully satisfied with it and we totally recommend the service!
LAURA AND MARTIN Argentina     February 2021

From the beginning the Connect Relocation team were helpful, realistic and honest about what we would need for our move and when. Moving countries can feel so daunting, especially during a global pandemic, but Astrid and the team made sure our move was as stress free as possible. They thought of everything so that we could relax and put our energy elsewhere. It would have been so difficult to find a place to live without their help. Now we’re in a lovely apartment, in a beautiful location and it was all ready for us when we arrived. We think Astrid and the Connect Relocation team are great, their pricing is fair and transparent and the service that was provided was worth every penny!

JENNIFER AND ROBERT United Kingdom     November 2020

I am extremely satisfied with the services of Connect Relocation. I didn’t even have to mention I needed some things solved in short notice: the help came immediately. What is more, It did not feel like I was dealing with a company, It felt more like I was dealing with a person that was genuinely wanting to help me. With the overwhelming amount of tasks involved in a relocation process, knowing that there is an experienced team ready to point you in the right direction takes away a good portion of stress, giving you peace of mind.
I deeply recommend Connect Relocation to whoever is moving to the Netherlands.

MARCELO Brazil     October 2020
Working with Connect Relocation was a great experience. We made our first international move ever, from the US to Amsterdam. CR made the process painless for us by explaining the whole process and being there whenever we had questions.  CR helped us to find our apartment while we were still in the states. They made things easy by coordinating video chats or recordings to show us the apartments we couldn’t physically visit ourselves.
Once we found a place, CR helped negotiate the rental price based on the time they apartment was on the market.  CR then set up all of our utilities so that we didn’t have to worry about water, heat, or internet when we arrived. It was all ready to go when we got here.
Upon arrival in the Netherlands CR met us at the apartment for the final walkthrough and handover of the keys.
Overall we would recommend the services of CR to anyone moving to Amsterdam.

Connect Relocation’s service was incredibly helpful in assisting with all parts of my move from the UK to Groningen. Importantly, I was clearly informed up front what the service included and what would be charged. Within a week or so the local contact Monique had undertaken four house viewings where all the important aspects were filmed for me. This was especially useful given Covid-19 related travel restrictions meant I was not able to visit the city for several months before actually moving. I am now renting a very nice apartment which I am certain I would not have found without Monique’s local connections with rental agencies! The fact that my utility bills were also arranged for me (always after discussion) also helped remove much of the stress. I would absolutely recommend Connect Relocation to anyone looking for a smoother move to the Netherlands.

ANDRE United Kingdom     October 2020

We relocated from Ukraine with the help of Connect Relocation. I have no idea how it would be possible to do it without their help – I’m pretty sure we’d make a lot of mistakes on our way. They had been very helpful and gave a prompt response to any question of ours. They also took care of everything – starting from our visa process to finding our apartment and setting up utilities for us. We recommend their services to anyone relocating to the Netherlands. Thanks a lot for your help!

Anastasiia and Oleksii Ukraine     September 2020

Relocating in Amsterdam has been such a wonderful experience thanks to the work from the team at Connect-Relocation. They engaged with us before our landing to address any open points and already had a well defined action plan upon our arrival. Thanks to them we found the perfect home in our new city just within a couple of days. They were very professional and yet personable, I can’t recommend them enough.

Carlos A. Spain     September 2020
Relocation abroad is very stressful, especially during the global pandemic. However, thanks to your help, it was a much smoother process than we expected. Knowing that a team of professionals will support you during the relocation helps a lot reduce this stress.
But, probably, the most valuable thing for us was your help with finding an apartment. Finding a new home, especially in a new country (especially in such a place like Amsterdam), is not an easy task. Still, thanks to you, we could move into a flat that we really like very quickly. And we can’t imagine doing this without all your help and advice.
Halina and Sergey Ukraine     September 2020

We so appreciated the services provided by Monique from Connect Relocation. She gave detailed videos of each house and then got our lease all sorted as well as the utilities. She also helped us rent furniture and was there when the furniture arrived as well as all of our shipped boxes. We were able to arrive in the Netherlands with a functioning house. The service was cheerful and professional. Monique was personable and we really enjoyed working with her.

I would recommend Connect Relocation to anyone moving to the Netherlands, particularly if you are an ex-pat.
Madeleine Pullman and Timothy Brill USA     September 2020

We could not be more delighted with the services we received from Connect Relocation. The entire experience, from beginning to end, was not only professional, effective and efficient, but it was also enjoyable and friendly. We felt like we were in good hands the entire time. It’s important to note that our relocation to Amsterdam from the US was to happen in early April 2020, right at the start of the global pandemic. We experienced numerous setbacks, and even started to lose hope at one point, but almost 5 months later we were able to see our plan through to its end, and we’re now safely and happily in Amsterdam in our beautiful new flat. Through all the challenges, Monique and the Connect Relocation team kept cool heads in totally unprecedented circumstances. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and we enthusiastically recommend Connect Relocation.

Ben and Ali USA     August 2020

From start to finish, working with Connect Relocation was an excellent experience! We can’t say enough good things. We’ve made several international moves and worked with many of the large relocation companies, and Connect Relocation was by far the best experience. Connect Relocation took the time to understand our needs, worked tirelessly to meet them, were highly responsive, and executed everything ahead of schedule and below budget. Connect Relocation anticipated our needs and accomplished many things without our asking so that our home was ready for us upon arrival. If you’re looking for a seamless move to the Netherlands, we highly recommend Connect Relocation!

Anonymous USA     June 2020

Relocating outside of Egypt for the very first time, I have always imagined it to be an experience full of frustrations, that’s why I was rather surprised by how my mind was at ease with your help!
starting with Astrid giving me advices and tips about the initial steps of relocation when I was back in Egypt, showing me what to expect from the housing market, walking me through every single procedure when I arrived here, following up with housing options to help me settle-in and tons of tips and advices along the way!
ending up with Monique arranging everything I could think of for my new home and actually taking me there herself while making sure everything is well handled for me to settle in.
and then there is that icing on the cake when I received my first welcome letter in my mailbox from you both which warmed my heart 🙂

Ahmed Ashraf Egypt     June 2020

Working with Connect Relocation was one of the best decisions we made. At first we tried to find an apartment on our own but soon discovered that the housing market in Amsterdam is extremely tough. After we contacted you, we managed to see apartments that we liked before but just couldn’t make an appointment with and succeeded in getting the apartment that was perfect for us. Not only that, but you also helped us with setting up the utilities, insurances and always explained everything to us so we made an informed decision. If and when we’ll decide to relocate, we’ll surely contact you again. Thank you for everything!

Victoria and Ciprian Diaconasu Roumania     April 2020
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