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We relocated from Ukraine with the help of Connect Relocation. I have no idea how it would be possible to do it without their help – I’m pretty sure we’d make a lot of mistakes on our way. They had been very helpful and gave a prompt response to any question of ours. They also took care of everything – starting from our visa process to finding our apartment and setting up utilities for us. We recommend their services to anyone relocating to the Netherlands. Thanks a lot for your help!

Anastasiia and Oleksii Ukraine     September 2020

Relocating in Amsterdam has been such a wonderful experience thanks to the work from the team at Connect-Relocation. They engaged with us before our landing to address any open points and already had a well defined action plan upon our arrival. Thanks to them we found the perfect home in our new city just within a couple of days. They were very professional and yet personable, I can’t recommend them enough.

Carlos A. Spain     September 2020
Relocation abroad is very stressful, especially during the global pandemic. However, thanks to your help, it was a much smoother process than we expected. Knowing that a team of professionals will support you during the relocation helps a lot reduce this stress.
But, probably, the most valuable thing for us was your help with finding an apartment. Finding a new home, especially in a new country (especially in such a place like Amsterdam), is not an easy task. Still, thanks to you, we could move into a flat that we really like very quickly. And we can’t imagine doing this without all your help and advice.
Halina and Sergey Ukraine     September 2020

We so appreciated the services provided by Monique from Connect Relocation. She gave detailed videos of each house and then got our lease all sorted as well as the utilities. She also helped us rent furniture and was there when the furniture arrived as well as all of our shipped boxes. We were able to arrive in the Netherlands with a functioning house. The service was cheerful and professional. Monique was personable and we really enjoyed working with her.

I would recommend Connect Relocation to anyone moving to the Netherlands, particularly if you are an ex-pat.
Madeleine Pullman and Timothy Brill USA     September 2020

We could not be more delighted with the services we received from Connect Relocation. The entire experience, from beginning to end, was not only professional, effective and efficient, but it was also enjoyable and friendly. We felt like we were in good hands the entire time. It’s important to note that our relocation to Amsterdam from the US was to happen in early April 2020, right at the start of the global pandemic. We experienced numerous setbacks, and even started to lose hope at one point, but almost 5 months later we were able to see our plan through to its end, and we’re now safely and happily in Amsterdam in our beautiful new flat. Through all the challenges, Monique and the Connect Relocation team kept cool heads in totally unprecedented circumstances. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and we enthusiastically recommend Connect Relocation.

Ben and Ali USA     August 2020

From start to finish, working with Connect Relocation was an excellent experience! We can’t say enough good things. We’ve made several international moves and worked with many of the large relocation companies, and Connect Relocation was by far the best experience. Connect Relocation took the time to understand our needs, worked tirelessly to meet them, were highly responsive, and executed everything ahead of schedule and below budget. Connect Relocation anticipated our needs and accomplished many things without our asking so that our home was ready for us upon arrival. If you’re looking for a seamless move to the Netherlands, we highly recommend Connect Relocation!

Anonymous USA     June 2020

Relocating outside of Egypt for the very first time, I have always imagined it to be an experience full of frustrations, that’s why I was rather surprised by how my mind was at ease with your help!
starting with Astrid giving me advices and tips about the initial steps of relocation when I was back in Egypt, showing me what to expect from the housing market, walking me through every single procedure when I arrived here, following up with housing options to help me settle-in and tons of tips and advices along the way!
ending up with Monique arranging everything I could think of for my new home and actually taking me there herself while making sure everything is well handled for me to settle in.
and then there is that icing on the cake when I received my first welcome letter in my mailbox from you both which warmed my heart 🙂

Ahmed Ashraf Egypt     June 2020

Working with Connect Relocation was one of the best decisions we made. At first we tried to find an apartment on our own but soon discovered that the housing market in Amsterdam is extremely tough. After we contacted you, we managed to see apartments that we liked before but just couldn’t make an appointment with and succeeded in getting the apartment that was perfect for us. Not only that, but you also helped us with setting up the utilities, insurances and always explained everything to us so we made an informed decision. If and when we’ll decide to relocate, we’ll surely contact you again. Thank you for everything!

Victoria and Ciprian Diaconasu Roumania     April 2020

It was absolutely wonderful to work with your team on my relocation. I found all of the information I needed and I can’t imagine how difficult or error prone it could have been if I was to handle this on my own. The only small thing that would have been ideal would be to have more viewings in a shorter period of time. At some points I felt pressured to settle with a housing option to avoid expensive and uncomfortable short term stays. In the end I am very happy with my choice.  Thank you for all of your help!

Victoria Tapia USA     February 2020

We were very happy with the service, it saved us so much time and we ended up renting a property we wouldn’t have found ourselves. For anyone hesitating, the cost is definitely worth the stress it takes away!
The personal touch that Connect Relocation provided was a significant differentiator when considering quotes. We liked that you took the time to discuss what we were looking for before providing a quote and really appreciated that this was on a time charge basis; We were impressed by how many properties you found in a short period; and the invoiced time allocation was refreshingly transparent.

Dan and Natalia Smith United Kingdom     February 2020
10 years ago I was moving to another country all by myself and it was stressful, full of uncertainty and dealing with multiple issues at once.
This time it was different, you simplified it for me, removing the uncertainty and putting an order into the whole process. You just make difficult things easy.
Kacper Marczewski Poland     January 2020
Connect Relocation team understood our dreams and desires and treated them as humanly as possible. We were lucky to have a qualified team that presented us with all the suggestions, possibilities and reservations throughout our country move process.

We received the most diverse information (garbage fees, payment of consumption bills, among others) and we count on personal advice on opening our bank account, registering with the municipality, visiting the school and setting up the utilities.
Meeting Connect Relocation was one of the biggest blessings we found when moving to the Netherlands.

Paulo and Renata Brasil     January 2020
I was very happy about the way you helped me to settle in Utrecht. Everything went smooth and calm, everything was clear from the beginning, therefore the stress with all this relocation matter was almost gone. We had a communication almost every day, discussing every detail.
Thank you very much for  your kindness and for the way you managed my moving in the Netherlands.  I can highly recommend Connect Relocation services to other persons who have to deal with the relocation.
Anonymous Roumania     January 2020
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my gratitude for all the work you have done before and during my relocation to Amsterdam.
As you already know from our first contact I was very impressed with your calm and assuring attitude, and have regretted for not following my instincts to immediately hire you for my relocation.
You have really made a Christmas miracle for us, when you managed to submit our offer and get it accepted in only four days, and it was even with two refusals in between.
Your service was all the time very transparent, well structured and extremely well communicated. You were taking care for all important milestones we had to reach in the time of my preparation, during travel and after arrival to the Netherlands, on top of already challenging holiday seasons. Since you took over care for my relocation I was peaceful and did not worry what to expect in Amsterdam. You also made several extra miles taking care of many administrative tasks as well as thinking of my dog and even the place to park the car. You really provided remarkable service. Thank you!
Tom Drincic Croatia     January 2020

I have been in the process of moving to a new Job in Amsterdam from Egypt . I have had  a bad experience when I tried to Relocate to Germany 3 years ago and I had worries but I was impressed of how Astrid and Monique made things very smooth for me . I didn’t face any problems whatsoever . They helped me find a new nice apartment  before I even moved and finish up all my paper work , opening bank accounts and get my residence card in just one day so I am thankful for everything they did and definitely recommend this company.

Ahmad Gadelmola Egypt     December 2019
Moving to a new country and starting all over again can be very overwhelming but thanks Connect Relocation  made us feel at home even before we moved here. Astrid and Monique were in touch with us as soon as we planned to move and took care of each and every step involved from our visa processing – which had its own complications but were dealt by them with thorough professionalism and care – to our registration with IND, Bank and house hunting which included many house viewings along with pick and drop (Thanks to Paula), taking care of rental agreement and all the legalities involved till our final move to our new home.
They always made sure to keep our comfort at priority and guided us with best possible solutions.
We must say it’s a bunch of very professional individuals who are always willing to go an extra mile to provide best possible care to their clients. We are very happy that we chose Connect Relocation and wish them all the luck.
Athar Noor and Maryam Khan Pakistan     November 2019
Connect relocation is a very involved and hands on service. They made my apartment hunt in Amsterdam not a hunt, but just a selection, and guided me through all the legal issues. Would’ve taken me weeks what they did in just a few days.
I had a very smooth moving experience thanks to them.
Anonymous     November 2019

My family and I have moved to the Netherlands this year. As non-EU citizens, we had a lot of things to take care of, such as the visa process, choosing and renting an apartment, finding a school for our son, registering with a huisarts, applying for a health insurance, creating a dutch bank account and so on and so forth. Had it not been for the assistance we’ve had from such a dedicated and experienced team, things would’ve been a lot harder for us. I’d really like to thank the Connect Relocation team (specially Monique and Astrid) for their attention and availability during our entire process! Greetings from Brazi… I mean, from the Netherlands! 😉

Alcides Queiroz Brasil     October 2019
A big thank you to Connect relocation team Astrid, Monique and Paula. I moved to The Netherlands with my wife and 2.5 years old daughter. It was a big move and with their help, the relocation process became  smooth and hassle-free. They were like an angel to me, each and every step of the relocation process they were with me:  Immigration, Housing, Banking, Gemeente, GGD, Utility setup…. you just name it.
Also, Astrid was reachable to me all the time via mobile, mail…always very responsive. They made me & family  feel very comfortable during the entire process. Overall a great team, very professional, knowledgable who put their sincere efforts to make the relocation process hassle-free. Thank you so much again! Lots of love
Manish Niketa Anika India     October 2019

I recently moved to Amsterdam from the UK. At first, I tried to find an apartment by myself. However, I soon realised how difficult the Dutch housing market is, so I reached out to Connect Relocation. They were really helpful and provided me with lots of useful information. I chose the home finding plus settling in package, which in hindsight was a really good decision. They sent me links to several properties in my criteria, and responded to my feedback on them to narrow down the search somewhat. They also offered to attend viewings of any properties I was interested in. Once we’d found an apartment that I was interested in, they helped me to put in an offer with the letting agent, and chased up any responses. They picked up the keys and carried out the check-in inspection for me. Then, when I arrived in the country, they met me at the apartment with the keys. They also set up appointments for me at the municipality and the bank, and accompanied me to the municipality to help me register. Once I’d registered and moved in, they helped me to set up my utilities. Overall I am very impressed by the quality of service that they gave me, and I’m not sure I would have been able to make my move without them. 10/10!

Tim United Kingdom     September 2019

Having Connect Relocation assisting us in our move to Groningen from the US was the best possible investment we could have made. They helped with all the formalities, provided so much useful and relevant information, made appointments for us, walked us around at our arrival and what was most important of all,  they found us a home and dealing with all the procedures in a very short time periode. Monique was always professional, very efficient and on top of that, very kind.

Sonia and Pere Arque Castells USA/Spain     September 2019
This summer I was moving to the Netherlands from Switzerland for work. Everyone who ever had to move countries knows how stressful it gets, and the things you have to take care of are countless. Connect Relocation was recommended to me by one of my future colleagues, who also hired this company during her move to NL. And I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am that I followed her advice and hired them as well.
Monique, who was working with me, pretty much took over all of my tasks as a newcomer – she found me a flat, arranged registration formalities, took care of setting up contracts for utilities etc etc. She’s a great source of information, and came to my help any time I had questions or doubts. She anticipated my needs and made sure that my move to Groningen is going smoothly, and that there are no delays in my settling in. And trust me, one should not underestimate how difficult it is to figure everything out in a new country, leave alone finding a new nice flat in a very competitive rental market. Aside from being extremely efficient and professional, Monique is very pleasant in personal communication, and it’s always nice to see a friendly face upon arrival.
All in all, I’m very grateful for their help at every step in the first few weeks that I’ve moved to Groningen. I definitely recommend their services to newcomers in the Netherlands.
Valeriia Kalienkova Ukraine     September 2019

Your help and support for our move was invaluable. It was our source of calm and reassurance in the midst of a very chaotic process. Above all we really appreciated the effort to ensure we would have a lovely home to live in right as we arrived. A lot of people were quite surprised when we mentioned we already had a place to live as soon as we got here. The coordination for the paperwork and the proactive attitude to help in the negotiations/discussions to ensure we would have a place to live, even though we didn’t have our residence cards, municipality registration or anything like that yet, was invaluable to us. We really appreciate all the help.

Leonardo Souza USA     September 2019

Connect Relocation did everything to take the stress out of our move. Of course they took care of the formal things like visa application, appointments and contracts, but also they did so many small things to make me feel like they really care about my affairs personally, and I was not on my own. Monique and Astrid had a few calls with me and answered my many emails before my arrival. When I arrived in The Netherlands Monique personally took me to every government and bank appointment and a few apartment viewings, arranging everything very efficiently so I did not have to take a lot of time off work.  When we found an apartment she helped me with my move from the hotel. She was always available to call or text, and answered every question on any topic. The team helped me to make a checklist of everything I needed to do, did some of those action points for me, and followed up with reminders on the remaining things.

Olena Lysenko Ukraine     August 2019
The service provided by Connect Relocation was one of the best I’ve ever received in any area. It made the relocation process way simpler than I was expecting and everything worked smoothly. For people that don’t have any knowledge on how things work in the Netherlands like me at the moment I arrived the support provided by the Connection Relocation team is really helpful and allow us to concentrate in other aspects of the big move.
I would like to thank you for helping me in this process and for the great service you’ve provided. Especially Astrid and Paula that worked directly with me and my wife in this journey.
Ronney Bezerra Brasil     March 2019

Monique from Connect Relocation helped me a lot finding my current flat. I felt very well advised – from the first telephone talk right through my first weeks in the new flat. Since I live a little far away I was not even once in the Netherlands during the entire time of the apartment search. Monique visited the flats, took pictures and we talked via Whatsapp, telephone and Skype. I had the impression that she was always available, responded very quick and was always ready to talk about my concerns. I greatly appreciated that since especially in the beginning of the home-searching phase many questions and uncertainties may arise. It was of great help to know that I could count on Connect and their professional advice. I got the impression that Connect Relocation is extremely service-oriented, taking my personal wishes and concerns very seriously, providing all the information I needed while at the same time always staying calm and giving the impression that we can find a solution for everything. I would recommend Connect Relocation. I got the impression that they work professionally, are reliable, friendly, and have a positive mindset (which is very important in face of the Dutch housing market ;))

Anne-Kathrin Kleine Germany     March 2019

A big thank you from Cecilia and myself to you and the team. It was our fortune to have your help during the last few weeks as it made everything easy and stress-free for us. Thank you as well for the kind words in the card–we just got it–and for the sentiments. We’re enjoying our time here already and looking forward to what’s to come.

Ronaldo Ferraz Brasil     December 2018

I cannot thank you enough for your support throughout the process of finding a home for me. It has been certainly a very positive experience, and I would have not managed to do all this without you. You have definitely taken away a lot of stress so that I could fully concentrate on the relocation from Cambridge to Groningen, saying good-bye to the many friends etc. I am also extremely grateful that you are still there for questions after this process. Thank you very much!

Anonymous Germany/United Kingdom     October 2018

When we knew that our large family would be relocated to the Netherlands, we knew we would need help finding a home.  We contacted several relocation agencies, and Connect Relocation was the first to respond to us.  They also had the best offer, which was excellent for us as we were paying for the services ourselves.  We were able to discuss what services we needed the most, and then were happy with the estimate we received.

Astrid was easy to work with, spoke impeccable English, and helped present the steps we needed to take to settle in the Netherlands in a clear and concise manner.  She accompanied us as we looked at houses and had keen insight into the neighbourhoods we visited, as well as the surrounding areas around Eindhoven.  Connect Relocation was also able to help us find a house we would not have been able to find on our own.
When we applied to rent the house, they were able to negotiate a lower rent price and they did the home inspection for us.  This made it possible that when we moved from England, we could arrive directly at the home that we were renting.
Astrid also helped explain the details of the rental contract, which was very helpful because our Dutch language skills are not good enough yet to understand it all on our own.
In every way, hiring Connect Relocation to help with our international move was the best choice for us.
Amy and Tom Harper United Kingdom     August 2018
It is very hard and stressful to relocate to another country and we were worried about that. But it turned out to be a very nice and smooth moving.
Even in the late night, Connect helped us and somehow very quick ordered a taxi and we safely arrived at the hotel.
During the first weeks, Connect Relocation looked after us and gave us advice, help, and care.
Pavel and Anna Shchegolev Russia     August 2018
I would like to say big thanks for a great job that you’ve provided, especially to Monique and Astrid.
Your company showed themselves as they would really care about their clients, provide all the information that is needed with honesty. I haven’t met any unforeseen difficult situations as you have provided everything before. The service of your company is one of the best that I’ve seen in my life 🙂
Thanks a lot!
Khamid Sarmanov Kazakhstan     July 2018

Monique and her team have been a real pleasure to work with and a terrific asset in making my international move to Groningen as smooth as it could be. She listened very carefully to my housing needs and through her excellent network has found me a great apartment that I would have never found on my own. She has always been extremely responsive when questions arose and actually anticipated many of my questions, saving me a lot of energy in this anyhow busy time of moving internationally. I can strongly recommend Connect Relocation’s professional service!

Björn Mitzinneck Germany/USA     July 2018

In all our moves abroad, my wife and I have never been treated to such comprehensive service before in making that transition. This is especially true because we also had to factor in our young child into many calculations. Connect Relocation got started well before we arrived and helped throughout. Astrid streamlined all of the major tasks (residency, housing, banking, daycare) and consolidated our time together during apartment viewings and administrative appearances, always mindful of our constraints as parents. She also had great advice on a wide range of questions we asked about everything, from whether to ship our car to which local vegetables are in season. It was a real pleasure working with this organization.

Ethan Nasr USA     June 2018
Me and my wife really appreciate all your work done within last 6-7 weeks. The service provided by your company was flawless.
Thanks to you, we managed to get our new home quickly, to have all documentation done rapidly and without any problems.
Monique and Astrid, you were doing a perfect job from the moment we started looking for the apartment, getting our visas till the moment we moved into our flat.
Thank you for saving us from troubles and making our relocation easy and smooth.
We wish you a good luck in your personal life and prosperity to your business.
Alex and Katy Vasko Ukraine     June 2018

When we decided to move to The Netherlands, at first we had very little idea how to go about it, or specially how to communicate with the new society. The information and advice the team gave to us has made all the process so much easier and we especially appreciate the kindness and heartwarming welcome that has been invaluable to us during this process.

Reyhane & NavidIran     June 2018

For a young couple coming from an non-EU country and moving 15 00 km away from home a lot of things can go wrong. Thankfully, we had amazing support from Connect Relocation during all phases of our relocation.

From obtaining necessary documentation (work permit, bank account, registration at municipality etc.) to finding a place to call HOME in Groningen, everything completed without one stressful moment. What we appreciate the most is the friendly, personal approach.

During whole this time we had a feeling we were working with a friend or a family member and not an agency. We believe this is one of the most important factors one should look for with an relocation agency. So dear expat, if you are reading this, trust me, Connect Relocation is THE ONE (you can thank me later! :D). Dear Connect Relocation, thank you and keep doing things the way you do!”Forever grateful,

Melita & Boris Bosnia and Herzegovina     May 2018

I would like to say THANK YOU for all support that you guys given to me and my family. The service level was higher than I expect.

You gave me all inputs about the documentation and the service before we arrive at the country and delivered everything at the expected lead-time. Your  agent that guide me around the city gave me all inputs about houses, location, energy, etc… My impression was she is doing to us as the same level that she wants to her family, the first impression of the city was great because her company.

So I’m very satisfied about quality level of the service from Connect team.

Geovani da Silva Brasil     April 2018
It has been incredibly helpful for us to have Connect Relocation on our side, and I wonder what we would have done without your help.
At the start, it was a bit bumpy in finding a house because we dealt some time with two agents of Connect due to Holidays so that slowed us down a bit, but momentum kicked in once our agent was back full time.
One problem that expats face is that we can’t communicate properly during office hours, so we were delighted to find you available all the time at all channels – calls, mails and WhatsApp, this gave us a feeling that you were truly a partner with us and not just a service provider. And of course you helped us not just in finding a house we like, but also understanding the contract (which was in Dutch) and preventing payment of unlawful fees.
I would strongly recommend your services, your partnership, to my friends.
Gaurav Mathur India     April 2018

This was our first ever move to another country as a family, so me and my wife thought it would be very stressful. However as soon as Connect contacted me and we had our first session over Skype, I realized that there’s nothing to worry about as even the smallest relocation nuances would be handled by professionals.

The stories we heard from people who moved on their own sounded like the first month in the country is a hectic race to fill in all the papers in time. For us the relocation was nothing like that – it was smooth and enjoyable, we never felt at loss about anything since the Connect consultants constantly kept in touch with us, arranged all the official meetings to our preference and explained everything that was unclear.

Finding a good apartment or house for rent in Amsterdam while you’re abroad looked next to impossible for us. However thanks to Connect doing visits to the places we liked allowed us to pick a very nice apartment to live in.

Finally I should  note that it was really easy to work with the ladies from Connect Relocation, I never doubted if I should ask something even if it was trivial. It felt like I’m getting advice from knowledgeable friends. We were given thorough answers on everything.

All in all I am very satisfied with the level of service we were provided and I would like to thank you very much for helping us!

Yaro Holodiuk Ukraine     February 2018

Thank you very much for your services! Your help and service was a true blessing for us!

Santiago & Tatiana Colombia     December 2017
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